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The Most Effective Oven Cleaning Recipes

The biggest problem after preparing some delicious meals in the oven, is how to clean the kitchen appliance after that. The task becomes more difficult and unpleasant by the accumulated tanned fat. In such a problem, many people use strong artificial preparations.

However, they are harmful for inhalation and for our skin. Moreover, in some cases they are quite ineffective. Therefore, it is best to resort to some of the alternative and safe options for oven cleaning.

One of the easiest methods for oven cleaning is with soap and water. For this purpose, dilute a little soap or detergent for washing dishes in a little warm water. Pour it into a container and place it in the oven as pre-moisten the walls with it. Turn the oven on at 120 degrees for 30 minutes. During this time do not open the oven door. After the 30 minutes are gone, open the oven door and wait to cool slightly. Fat is removed with a damp cloth without any difficulty.

One of the most used natural cleaners is white vinegar. For this purpose, spread the liquid on the cooled surface of the oven. With a damp cloth, spread it around and leave it for some time to act. Small dirt fall easily, and for large you will need to use a brush.

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda does help to eliminate even the oldest deposits on the walls of the oven. After cleaning, rinse with warm soapy water.

Another mixture suitable for oven cleaning is the following: mixture of water with baking powder or a mixture of citric acid and baking soda. The oven has to be sprayed thoroughly with this solution and left for a while. Accumulations pull down into pieces that can be easily removed with a wet cloth.

1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup salt and 3/4 cup are mixed to a thick paste. The oven is wiped off with a damp towel and is coated with the resultant. Allow to work overnight. The method is most useful when the oven is not too dirty. Apply regularly.

Little trick for oven cleaning you can use is leaving a cup of lemon juice to heat to boiling. So the juice will spattered the walls of the oven and will be able to clean easily, but the best – in an environmentally-friendly way. This is a cheap method for oven cleaning without the intervention of any chemicals.

Try to avoid cleaners that contain caustic soda and other toxic substances, the remnants of which can not be cleared completely. Evaporating these substances may fall in the food baking.

Some ovens are Teflon-coated and even self-cleaning. The self-cleaning ovens emit steam, which will help you easier clean the oven. If you are buying an oven, it is nice to note that advantage. However, if you have an oven that is not self-cleaning again, you can clean it easily. It’s nice to save cleaning when you bake something to cover it with aluminum foil.

All these oven cleaning tips are tested and proved to be incredibly helpful. Keeping the perfect look of your oven is important not only for the taste of the cooked food, but also for the vision of your kitchen. I remember few years ago how embarrassed I was when my parents came to see me unexpectedly and saw my oven quite dirty. Till that moment I didn’t have the habit to clean the oven after each use, which actually is the recommendation of oven producers. My mother has always kept her oven in brilliant condition and seeing my oven so greasy was a shock for her. She was really disappointed of me because she expected to see my kitchen spotless as hers. That was really unpleasant memory I will never forget.

I put great efforts to bring the perfect look of my oven back and I have to admit it took some time. At first I tried detergents, containing toxic chemicals, because I believed they are the most effective tools for oven cleaning. I wanted my oven in superb condition immediately. However, it turned out these strong chemicals did not accomplish the results I was hoping for. After that I tried the method of spreading baking soda in the oven and pouring vinegar on top of it. Again the results were not satisfying. Then I found out the reason was that I cleaned the oven after just 5 minutes. Next time I made the same mixture and waited for 30 minutes to act. Then the results were spectacular! Finally, my oven was perfectly clean. So my advice to all of you, who have not cleaned your ovens from a long time, is to leave the mixture to act for 30-40 minutes. Don’t rush to clean it with clean damp cloth, because you won’t be satisfied by the results!