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Basic Rules You Should Follow in Kitchen

It’s not a secret that kitchen is the heart of everyone’s home. This is the place we make our food, and as we say – we are what we eat.

Often, however, it happens to stain the kitchen furniture, appliances and the floor. We will offer you some easy tips that will help you clean the kitchen with natural ingredients.

At the moment, the market offers an amazing variety of cleaning preparations, but almost all of them contain harmful chemicals and very quickly ruin the skin of our hands, nails or even the surfaces we treat with them.

For the following methods, however, you will not need anything other than water, lemon juice, baking soda or vinegar.

The microwave oven does a great job, although many people have concerns whether it is safe for using. Often, however, it is polluted by all the food that has warmed in it. Household stores sell special lids to cover the dishes by putting them in the microwave, but even they can not keep the appliance from the appearance of food stains.

You can perform microwave oven cleaning procedure by placing a suitable container, full of a cup of water and two or three teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Adjust the microwave so the water boils. Leave for three minutes to boil and then for another five minutes to stay inside the microwave oven, without opening the oven door. Then you can dispose of the water and wipe the inside of the appliance with a suitable sponge. You will notice how easily all the stains are removed.

If you want to cope with a smell that has settled in the microwave oven, put a bowl of water and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Heat until it boils, then turn off and leave it for the night.

Burned food remains in the oven can become a real nightmare if you have forgotten about them, turn the oven on again and try to cook something inside. They start to smoke and smell loud.

That is why you should not underestimate the regular oven cleaning procedure. If there are larger pieces of unidentified and burnt food, use a wooden or plastic spatula to scrape them. Do not do it with a metal device, as it will ruin the oven cover.

Then sprinkle a lot of baking soda and a little water and leave for a few hours. The more serious the pollution is, the longer it has to stand. Then wash thoroughly with warm water and use a microfiber sponge.

Another easy way for oven cleaning is the following: heat the oven to exactly 100 degrees. Put in a metal tray or a plate the juice of 3 lemons. Leave for 15 minutes and turn the oven off. When the oven has cooled down, clean it with a sponge and water. This oven cleaning tip removes virtually all overlays. It is even better to wipe the oven with a micro fiber cloth, which you can find in most supermarkets.

Again with baking soda and water you can clean the freezer and the refrigerator after thawing. The ratio is a spoon or two of baking soda for half a liter of water. After cleaning, thoroughly dry the chamber compartments and switch on the refrigerator.

If you want diversity and positive energy in your home, you can always try Feng Shui in your kitchen.

Coffee machine, microwave oven, dishwasher, stove, toaster belongs to the element fire, therefore they should not be placed near the objects with water element – sink and refrigerator. Cooking is best to be done in a conventional oven, but not – in a microwave oven. The best thing will be to avoid using microwave oven. The fact that the microwave oven is the main electromagnetic field distributor affects not only the body but also the human soul. For this reason, the use of a gas hob is preferred by many households.

The table itself should be round or oval. The sharp corners cause aggression and bring negative, sharp and cutting objects – knives, forks, corkscrews, etc. into our lives. Also, none of the family members are advised to sit back with the back of the door.

It is also forbidden all surfaces of furniture and household appliances to be reflective. According to Feng Shui’s theory, the kitchen mirror breaks human thought, and may break for the well-being and harmony in the home.

The kitchen in Feng Shui style should not be illuminated with fluorescent lamps. Not only does such light adversely affect the nervous system and eyes, but can also improve blood pressure and headache. It is desirable that night and day the room be filled with natural light. That is why you need to opt out of the massive curtains, blinds and curtains that prevent the penetration of sunlight.